Saalasti technology in Expobiomasa

The “Saalasti Press 1803” has been awarded an Accésit Award for Innovation in Expobiomasa 2019.

Saalasti is expert in Turning Biomass into Asset through precise control of particle size and moisture content. Since 1945, the Finnish family business has forged lasting relationships with its customers and has accumulated more than 70 years of experience in heavy machinery and almost 40 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, installation and delivery of solutions for bioenergy production. Saalasti has participated in more than 300 projects worldwide and has a global network of offices in Finland, Sweden, Canada, Chile and recently in Spain.

Saalasti solutions are used worldwide, mainly in pulp and paper factories, in sawmills, in pellet mills and in large biomass plants. They are also recognized for the robust and innovative design of their machinery for solid biomass processing. The main solutions are different types of stationary processing lines that include technologies for chipping, crushing and mechanical drying of various types of biomass. Saalasti guarantees efficient customer service throughout the life of each delivery. 

Committed to Research and Development, Saalasti continuously creates innovative solutions that redefine existing industrial standards, in order to make biomass processing more sustainable and profitable for customers. The most recent innovation is the "Saalasti Press 1803", which has the most efficient drying technology for various types of solid biomass. The new “Saalasti Press 1803” is energy efficient for more than 30 times than traditional thermal drying, it allows to obtain gains from the first day and reduce CO2 emissions.

For more information on Saalasti solutions, you can contact Mr. Jarno Petäkoski, General Director of the new Saalasti office in León, Spain at + 34 722 306 326 or email