PINOSA presents FAM series automatic progressive horizontal slitter at Expobiomasa

Automatic progressive horizontal slitter FAM series

Automatic horizontal progressive slitter FAM stands out for being very productive and versatile. Automatically processes wood logs, sawmill waste and carpentry.

It's a fixed and mobile equipment, with work cycles from 2 to 6 seconds according to the diameter of the material processed and a cracking power that varies from 5,5 to 45 tons depending on the model. The length of the material reaches 1 subway with the possibility of a continuous adjustment of the length of the material to be processed. And the maximum diameter of the material to be machined can be 1 meter. The operator can change the size sections at any time electronically without interrupting the work cycle.

It is ready to pack the material directly in sacks, with plastic film, cartons, etc. or with unloading on conveyor belts for the direct loading of trucks or packaging systems.

It is ideal for the preparation of different sizes of firewood useful to light the fire, wood for restaurants, furnaces, stoves, boilers and for the production of charcoal or fuel for cogeneration plants through wood gasification.

It is an alternative viable, robust, safe, high performance and economical to the traditional hydraulic and mechanical wood splitters. And also, undoubtedly, is finding a gap in the chipper sector, for the production of large chips. Its low cost of purchase and reduced consumption, compared to those of a chipper, make it an alternative. It does not produce dust and your product does not need to be sieved, so there is no waste of material, what happens with chippers.

PINOSA has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here