Valorize the biomass

The demand for biomass for energy use is considerably increasing in recent years, both for pellet manufacturing and to directly supply industrial facilities, Distritc Heatings and the new power generation plants.

Given this increase in demand each time it is being supplied both splinters and other biofuels of agroforestry origin such as stumps, bundles of branches, pruning of fruit trees, pomace, husks, branches, bushes ... and recycling material.

All this biomass requires increase its homogeneity to the optimum point (dry, grind, select ...) before entering facilities suitable for this type of biomass in order to achieve an efficient energy recovery that complies with the regulations.

Automatically cut and divide firewood with a cycle of just over three seconds
Biomass crusher with only 2 engines of 22 kW each. Crush through shock waves. 80% savings in energy costs.
Automatic horizontal progressive biomass slitter FAM stands out for being very productive and versatile. It is a fixed or mobile equipment.
Logset presents its hybrid technology for biomass forest machinery
ASTIGAL, of the FORESGA group, manages a Center for Biomass Treatment specialized in the production of quality chips for its energy use in heat production, in Trasmiras (Orense). They have screens, a re-chipping process and warehouses to supply G-50 and G-30 chips.
The Forestry Action Plan presented this month by MAPAMA includes a good part of the demands of the sector to value a natural and economic heritage that few countries can boast of. Claimed by the Juntos por los Bosques Platform, to which AVEBIOM belongs, it also collects the concerns of environmental associations and Autonomous Communities. This will include a Renove Plan to improve the competitiveness of the entities in charge of forest management and will be endowed with 2 million euros.
Europa-Parts, distributors of the Willibald brand, has also specialized in the second-hand market, selling three equipment each month, and in the replacement of the main brands in the sector, such as: Doppstadt, Hammel, Haas, Forus, Vermer and Jenz. Also in the after-sales service, which supports more than 250 machines, solving any problem or need arising to its customers. Crusher EP 5500 Series
ILAGA participated in Expobiomasa, in Valladolid, with its branches of branch shredders of the firms TS (of Germany) and JO BEAU (of Belgium) achieving great success.
The IMPAKTOR 250 is a multifunctional shredder. compact machine on tracks, crushes a multitude of materials such as wood. the special geometry of the axes, the synchronized management or not and the system by double jaws produces a very regular end product with few fines and great production
The COBRA 90 PGS of the GREEN series from TS Industries, which already has four units operating in the city of Paris, is presented at Expobiomasa equipped with a Kubota WG3800GL dual carburetion engine and electronic control system.
The Axtor is one of the most flexible machines available for processing wood, bark, plant debris and residual wood. With the possibility of working in fast crushing mode with hammer tools producing material for composting or in reduced speed mode with fixed tools to make wood chips as biomass fuel. The system change can be done in just over three hours.