Optimizing processes

Industry, neighborhood communities and District Heating in Spain opt for biomass in search of economic savings and cost control. The latest data indicates that there are more than 11.000 equipment between 50 and 1.000 kW y more than 1.000 that exceed 1 MW thermal power.

More than a thousand computers are installed annually in Spain and boilers for industrial and commercial use capable of generating hot water, thermal oil and steam, as well as hot and cold air generators, dryers, ovens, air conditioners or industrial cold generators that can use biomass as fuel.

Many companies manage their own by-products and value them energetically in ceramics, cement, paper, wood, tobacco, coffee, dried fruit, all kinds of farms and other agricultural products, greenhouses and in the canning industry, among others.

QUEBINEX biomass burner for pellet, olive bone, almond shell, etc., incorporates a self-cleaning system of the combustion chamber. Consisting of two scrapers moved by a servomotor and controlled by an automaton. Its function is to periodically spread the fuel throughout the chamber, and clean at the end of the extinction to eliminate all the residues that the biomass can leave.
Artificial vision or computer vision is a scientific discipline that includes methods to acquire, process, analyze and understand real-world images in order to produce numerical information so that they can be analyzed. Until today, there has been no precedent on a commercial scale that applies it to the combustion of biomass. Sugimat has designed a solution focused on mobile grill ovens, the most commonly used when it comes to combusting little processed biomass in boilers and industrial furnaces.
Patented biomass facilities technology characterized by having a combustion chamber fully thermally insulated to generate the maximum possible combustion temperature.
Simultaneous obtaining of electrical energy (up to 4,4 kWe) and heat from any type of biomass. It can be implemented in small industries.
GNF air generator has as its main feature the vertical arrangement of the combustion chamber and the heat exchanger
Multi-fuel biomass burner designed to replace traditional fossil fuel burners
The biomass heat network installed at the University of Valladolid supplies 90% of the energy demanded by the Clinical Hospital and saves the emission of 3.000 tons of CO2 per year.
Biomass separator equipment that is based on the principle of separation by density in wet medium in two phases of the chipped sarmiento
HCT technology is a power cycle that optimizes the condensation of steam from industrial biomass boilers
Industrial modular biomass system with a compact and transportable design. Lower electric consumption and greater net efficiency.
Commissioning of the municipal heated pool with a biomass installation, supplied with pellets, and in charge of guaranteeing the correct water temperature of both the ACS consumption network and the network of the different vessels.
Andalucía is the leading community in biomass stoves and boiler installations according to obsevatoribiomasa.es