Innovation Award 2021
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The deadline for submitting candidatures ended on June 30. A total of 36 nominations have been submitted for the double Innovation Award.

The 19 aimed at Expobiomasa are being evaluated taking into account the degree of innovation, originality, applicability and energy efficiency to determine the winning option. The jury on this occasion is made up of CARTIF as a representative of the technology centers with recognized work in the energy recovery of biomass, by TECNOINSTALACIÓN on behalf of the specialized press present at Expobiomasa, by the CLUSTER BIOENERGIA CATALUNYA representing allied associations in the promotion of the event and by AVEBIOM, organizing entity, which also acts as secretary.

In the first call for the Innovation Award of the Renewable Gas Show, there have been 17 applications received by the organization. The jury in charge of choosing the winner and the two second prize is made up of AINIA representing the technology centers with recognized work in the energy recovery of renewable gas, ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES representing the specialized press present at the Renewable Gas Hall, AEBIG representing of the associations linked to the event and AVEBIOM as the organizing entity of the Renewable Gas Show, which also acts as secretary.

The winners will be announced in September and the awards ceremony will be at the opening of the event, on September 21.

The Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM) and the Spanish Biogas Association (AEBIG) are the promoters of this call, whose objective is to promote innovation in the bioenergy sector by bringing together the most complete and varied sample of technological innovations in the fields of solid biomass and renewable gases.

Recognition of the initiatives underway invigorates the sector and contributes to its economic development. In this double call, two prizes and four second prizes will be awarded, endowed with € 2.000 and € 500 respectively. Expobiomasa and the first edition of the Renewable Gas Show are, without a doubt, the appointments where the commercial activity of this technology will be relaunched, which occupies a key place in the strategies for changing the energy model both in Spain and in the rest of the world .

Expobiomasa Innovation Award



Renewable Gas Hall Innovation Award