AELIX presents the ELX AIR IR regulator at EXPOBIOMASA

electronic biomass stoves
New electronic regulator with selection of five airflow speeds in touch mode

The Italian firm Aelix, expert in electronic regulators for fireplaces, stoves and thermo fireplaces and thermo wood and pellet stoves presents at Expobiomasa its new electronic regulator with selection of five air flow speeds in touch mode, the ELX AIR IR.

The air flow is activated when the body of the generator has a temperature higher than the starting thermostat TM or a preset temperature in the version with probe. In the Automatic-Manual version the generator is managed autonomously, other functions are also available on request. The controller is equipped with an ON|AUTO| MAN. In addition, the adjustment is also possible through a remote control, supplied inside the box. The regulator is also available in the DIGIT version with the addition of room temperature reading.

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