Evacuation duct DEKO PELLETS STYLE with DINAKISOL system present in Expobiomasa thanks to DINAK

Evacuation duct DEKO PELLETS STYLE with DINAKISOL system

The DEKO PELLETS STYLE duct range is specifically designed to exhaust combustion fumes from biomass stoves with pellet fuels, as certified by their CE marking according to EN 1856-1. This product manufactured in carbon steel, together with an inner and outer ceramic coating, they provide the conduit with a high resistance to corrosion and also give it the aesthetic finish (tone / color and texture), thereby achieving architectural integration with the generating apparatus.

The DINAKISOL system is specifically designed for your installation in the area in which the duct of evacuation crosses floors and / or combustible walls, regardless of their orientation. This solution has the relevant certification according to EN 1856-1.

The evacuation ducts of generating devices with biomass fuel can only be installed on a single wall in the enclosure where the generating apparatus is installed, to improve the energy efficiency of the installation, while preventing the risk of human contact accidental in other enclosures of the house, as set out in the UNE 123001 standard, so that the location of the DEKO PELLETS STYLE range is confined to said enclosure, just in the place where the aesthetic requirements are highest.

The main advantages of the DEKO PELLETS STYLE range are:

  • mini designimalView of the joints between pieces
  • Outer rough ceramic coating in matt black, which guarantees a perfect architectural integration with the generator.
  • Interior smooth ceramic coating, which favors that the soot generated during the combustion of the biomass does not adhere to the duct, thereby facilitating the inspection and cleaning operations so necessary in these facilities.

The DINAKISOL system consists of 3 elements:

  • Watertight element integrated in the floor and / or fuel wall
  • Flat bezel with integrated joint in the floor and / or fuel wall
  • Flat lacquered black trim

DINAK has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here