Thermal-reflective glass-ceramic panels with the full range of colors

ROBAX citroceramic panels
Robax has designed a glass-coated ceramic panel that reflects thermal radiation up to seven times more.

Serial production of ROBAX® glass ceramic panels began 40 years ago and since then have sold more than 100 millions of units. Innovations have made famous SCHOTT ROBAX® (and will continue to do so in the future).

Good news for manufacturers and lovers of wood burning fireplaces. The ROBAX® IR Max heat-reflective ceramic hob can be combine now with all available decorative colors of ROBAX®. This also includes three metallic-effect designs that can combine two screen printing colors each. Coated glass ceramic panel reflects up to seven times more thermal radiation to the combustion chamber than uncoated glass ceramic panels. This is valid for infrared (IR) radiation in the wavelength spectrum between 800 and 8000 nanometers.