TERMOSUN participates in an artificial intelligence project to optimize the combustion of BIOMASS

Optimize the operation of biomass boilers thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Thermosun and Pervasive Technologies, together with Imae and Schneider, collaborate to optimize the combustion of biomass in industrial boilers thanks to Artificial Intelligence within the framework of the 3BD-Biomass Boiler Big Data project.

The demand for biomass boilers in different industries is increasing, but since TERMOSUN have observed that the operators and maintenance personnel of industrial facilities do not have sufficient skills for the optimal management of the boilers, so that they do not take full advantage of their energy efficiency, nor are they able to reduce polluting emissions as could be done with the equipment and current technology.

3BD-Biomass Boiler Big Data, "A way of making Europe", is an R+D+I project carried out thanks to the financial support of the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) of the European Union, which aims to improve algorithm models thanks to Artificial Intelligence. The Machine Learning, with the obtaining of twins and the creation of algorithms, allows to identify patterns in massive data - Big Data and to elaborate predictions that give the possibility of digitizing the operation of the boiler for its optimal combustion, performance and minimum emissions.

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