In Spain, in 2021, more than 75.000 automatic biomass combustion equipment (pellet, splinter, bone,...), and nearly 70.000 firewood equipment have been installed. Many of them replacing fossil, diesel and gas energy systems, which negatively affect climate change. Is being implanted massively in independent homes, and increasingly in Neighborhood communities, industries, warehouses, farms, greenhouses, hotels, residences, universities, schools, hospitals and swimming pools.

The success of a good operation is in a correct installation of the equipment and its components. The support that the almost 10.000 professional installers who work in Spain find in the brands that participate in Expobiomasa with training, advice, ergonomics and efficiency is essential to achieve efficiency and profitability.

Termosun and Pervasive Technologies, together with Imae and Schneider, collaborate to optimize the combustion of biomass in industrial boilers thanks to Artificial Intelligence within the framework of the 3BD-Biomass Boiler Big Data project.
The new testo 300 Longlife "NEXT LEVEL" combustion analyzer and the new range of testo 316 leak detectors that optimize the degree of efficiency of facilities and plants quickly and easily. Thanks to improved combustion and the prevention of gas leaks, energy and costs can be saved. An especially important topic now that the prices of raw materials are very high!
Pellet and wood stoves and inserts are domestic heating equipment of up to 50 kW that supply heat to the room in which they are installed with the possible supply of hot water to the DHW circuit when they have a water circuit or kettle installed.
It is a system created exclusively by @CONVESA thanks to which the assembly of fireplaces has never been so fast and easy! This fireplace, which is manufactured in the KW range for 316L interior steel and in the KX range for 304 interior steel, stands out in the market for 3 characteristics:
The Italian company IPC - Motors For Passion presented a new range of products and live solutions for stoves, pellet / biomass boilers.
The MR100 plate represents the ideal solution for ducted stoves or small pellet boilers. Small in size, it has four phase-controlled outputs, a relay output for the igniter, a PWM output for motors or water pumps, as well as inputs for variable speed or endless PWM management. It is also equipped with a double communication bus, one of which is available on the screen for the integrated wifi-bluetooth module.
Pre-insulated pipes for hot and cold networks are the perfect tool for optimizing energy resources and at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. These pipes are designed to be able to detect possible leaks or breaks and as a consequence, possible energy losses. Therefore, its use achieves savings in energy costs, less assembly time and greater durability of the installation compared to a traditional system, that is, a benefit in all aspects for the installer and for the end customer.
ROBAX® IR SuperMax is a glass ceramic panel for observing fire designed in Germany with a new highly efficient infrared reflective coating on the outside of the panel. The cladding reflects significantly more heat into the fireplace combustion chamber than a ROBAX® panel without cladding. It has the highest infrared reflection in our ROBAX® Smart Heat range. The coating increases the temperature in the combustion chamber, which makes the combustion process much more efficient.
The use of long-range, open and low-energy networks has given the possibility of exploring new applications and massive deployments of extremely useful sensors for the world of biomass. With these networks you can manage boilers, silos, transport, emissions, crops, production, certify the chains with Blockchain etc.
ALPHA SYLTEC INGENIERIA has presented to the Innovation Award the application of techniques used in large simulators for a custom training simulator for an SME. These projects that are normally prohibitive for any company that is not a large multinational. 
The quality of biomass is defined by physical-chemical parameters that vary depending on its nature (PCI / PCS, humidity, ash, volatiles, fixed carbon, etc.). The Biomasstep project has developed a fast, non-polluting and innovative analytical methodology, which establishes the biomass quality parameters instantly, and which is based on the application of NIRS Technology (Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy).
The CONVESA fireplaces of the KW range have a crownless connection system. This facilitates assembly and does not require additional tools. This technical advantage is highly highlighted by installers who save time in the installation process. It also has the G50 designation so it can be placed just 5 centimeters from the wall. All this while maintaining a great aesthetic without strings, totally smooth. Discover its entire range of solutions from September 21 to 23 at Expobiomasa 2021.