jackie! The Palazzetti stove with a self-cleaning system that burns its own ash.

Are you tired of cleaning the ash from your stove?

The Jackie stove from the Italian manufacturer Palazzetti it heats air and water, but it is different from many others: do you know why?

  • It does not waste pellets, because it also burns ash, which returns to the brazier, thus optimizing performance and savings. The self-cleaning system works automatically, emptying the brazier and cleaning the exchanger at the same time.
  • It heats the sanitary water perfectly without raising the temperature in the room, because it has a minimal difference between the nominal energy and the hydric energy.
  • Always respect the environment, because it has excellent performance and low emissions.

Do you want to know more about Jackie? Find all the information here: https://ecofirejackie.palazzetti.it/

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