The Ghibli Hybrid wood and pellet stove from Dielle incorporates the Italian firm's patented flowering system

dielle expobiomasa

It is a wood and pellet stove with natural convection and therefore extremely silent. The stone roof and painted steel side walls stand out in its design.

Equipped with hermetic technology, it can be 6 or 10kW of power, and it is prepared for the installation of a ventilation and ducting system that can heat several rooms. The LCD screen can be controlled with a remote control, a control panel, or from a smartphone.

Unique combustion system

In biomass equipment of Diella the burner is fed from below, by flowering, through two stainless steel screws controlled by a microprocessor. Thus, thanks to the forced entry of the fuel, a constant and uniform combustion is caused over time, without disturbing the stability of the flame. This patented system allows the combustion of pellets and other biomass such as olive stones. In this system, the pellets are preheated before being placed in the burner, favoring optimal and complete combustion.

Dielle presents its innovations at Expobiomasa