The new Fröling SP Dual compact combi wood-pellet boiler


The new SP Dual compact combustion boiler has two separate combustion chambers that meet all the requirements for both types of fuels. And it is distinguished by its maximum efficiency and maximum comfort, as well as its low level of emissions and low energy costs.

In addition, the SP Dual compact only has a heat exchanger, a return lift, a control and a flue pipe, which are used for the two operating modes.   

If, for the moment, it is preferred to use only wood, Fröling offers a flexible solution in which the pellet unit can be incorporated at any time.

The SP Dual compact offers significant benefits from the moment it enters the boiler room. Thanks to the compact design, it is extremely easy to mount, even in tight spaces. The pellet burner of the SP Dual compact has a complete insulating coating and is delivered with the necessary wiring ready to be connected. The single flue pipe design makes retrofitting the pellet unit easy.

Other advantages of the boiler are:

  • Large loading chamber for firewood logs up to 50cm long
  • High temperature resistant refractory material combustion chamber
  • Comprehensive safety concept
  • Unique air conduction
  • Water-cooled pellet burner with automatic sliding grill
  • RBG 3200 with remote control.
  • Automatic ignition and continuous operation
  • Smoke fan with speed control
  • Automatic ignition
  • quiet operation
  • Low electricity consumption


Fröling presents its new SP Dual compact combi wood and pellet boiler at EXPOBIOMASA


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