LASIAN domestic biomass boilers work with pellets and biomass of different qualities

LASIAN biomass boilers

The firm based in Zaragoza and founded more than 50 years ago has advanced technology thanks to the patented EFIPLUS system, which allows its equipment to feed on pellets of different qualities, and also with any type of biomass, such as almond shell, bone of olive, etc. Designed with different bodies depending on the model, in cast iron or steel, electronic control and all kinds of standard or optional accessories depending on the model.

The LASIAN range of biomass boilers is designed for heating production offering high energy efficiency and greater autonomy. The use of the latest technology in biomass boilers makes the product suitable for the home, with compact designs that are easy to install, low levels of contamination due to the use of renewable energies, and great economic savings.

LASIAN biomass boilers meet all performance, emission and labeling requirements in accordance with European directives.



- Compact steel body with 4 smoke passages.

- Includes hydraulic unit with pump, 10-liter expansion vessel, safety valve, purger and pressure transducer.

- Incorporates the EFI PLUS control system

- The exchanger has a manual cleaning system using oscillating springs.

- Maximum efficiency and minimum emissions, with an efficiency of 90%.

- Automatic ignition modulating combustion.

- Electronic control of all processes, with easy menus and information on the status and operation of the boiler.

- Elegant design, which integrates the hopper within the set.

- Allows Wi-Fi control

- Hopper capacity: 70 kg

- Useful power: 23,5 KW

- Consumption (kg / h): 1,6-5,2

- Yield: 90%

- Volume of water in the boiler: 51,5 liters

- 100 mm chimney connection.

- Weight: 240 kg


LASIAN participates in EXPOBIOMASA