Lohberger Heating Cooker “ZEH110”

Lohberger wood stove
ZEH SERIES More warmth. More enjoyment. Less power consumption.

Versatility and optimized use of energy are the focus of the Austrian manufacturer's central heating stoves. lohberger

They cook, roast, bake, prepare hot water and heat the whole house. All in one. Save electricity, reduce your energy costs and protect the environment! The ideal combination.

Its advantages:

  • The lifting grill in the combustion chamber can be switched continuously from summer to winter operation with a crank.
  • The rack position at the top means a 50% reduction in power output to the central heating system, but the cooking and grilling temperature remains the same. The position of the grille at the bottom means full fuel filling and full heat transfer to the central heating system.

Check with your distributor in Spain EKO-BERO

More info at: https://www.lohberger.com/produkt/zeh-110-4/

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