Avebiom announces the 1st International Domestic Pellet Market Conference (CIMEP), the September 25 in EXPOBIOMASA

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The production of domestic pellets will exceed this year the 700.000 tons, after seven years of record figures

The singularities and dynamism of the domestic pellet market, which this year will record a new record production in Spain to exceed 700.000 tons, has advised the holding of an international conference to analyze its characteristics, among which the contrast between the frequent symptoms of saturation followed by high demand intervals.

Pellet production domestic in Spain, which has tripled from 2012, has evolved based on the progressive increase in demand, which has recorded record sales figures since 2014 and that this year will reach 650.000 tons.

These are some of the arguments they will address representatives of the entire value chain, in order to analyze trends and establish forecasts, in the first edition of the International Domestic Pellet Market Conference (CIMEP), convened by the Spanish Biomass Energy Valuation Association (Avebiom), to be held within the framework of EXPOBIOMASA'19 next September 25, in Valladolid.

“CIMEP will be a meeting point where forecasts for Spain will be known, as well as market trends in purely producing countries (such as Portugal, Russia, Canada and Poland) and in the main consumers and importers, such as Italy and France” , as explained by the president of Avebiom, Javier Díaz.

CIMEP will talk about the raw material, the situation of the national and international market and the evolution of the pellet consuming facilities, topics that international reference experts will address.

Specifically, the two most important factors in the evolution of the pellet market will be analyzed. On the one hand, the raw material, to which a block will be dedicated in which the different agents will be represented: forestry companies, administration and forest owners. And, on the other, the installations that consume the pellet, both in Spain and in Europe.

As noted by the president of Avebiom, for professionals in the pellet sector "it is important to know the trends, both in the national and international pellet market, as they set the pattern of their activity forecasts." Above all, he added, "the forecasted imports from Portugal and other producing countries to Spain, as well as planned exports to Italy and France."

The evolution of the national market

The national production of pellets, which slightly exceeded the 200.000 tons in 2012, has evolved steadily, exceeding the figure of the 400.000 tons in 2014, until approaching the 600.000 tons in 2018.

According to Avebiom and Apropellets estimates, the national pellet production, which has reached record numbers since 2012, will exceed 700.000 tons this year and will be expected to be around one million tons in 2021.

This progression responds to a consumption behavior that shot up in 2012 to almost 400.000 tons, although it slowed down in 2013, to grow steadily from that year to 2018, in which sales figures approached 600.000 tons. According to Avebiom and Apropellets data, 2019 sales will be around 650.000 tons.