PelletBox by Prodesa - Mobile plant for the manufacture of pellets in maritime containers with 5 t / h production present in Expobiomasa

Mobile pellet manufacturing plant in sea containers with 5 t / h production

Prodesa presents the mobile pellet manufacturing plant up to 5 t / h more compact market. The system includes the stages of grinding and pelletizing, with all the intermediate stages of conditioning in 4 certified sea containers of 40 feet. PelletBox presents multiple combinations that allow you to work with raw materials from different origins and states (chips, chips, sawdust). 

The minimum production limit for conventional plants is set at around 40.000 t / year, and they usually work with raw materials of forest origin with more competitive costs. This plant represents a substantial change in the scaling paradigm of pellet plants by making it economically viable to operate smaller industrial plants.

The main advantages of PelletBox by Prodesa are:

  • Industrial production (5t / h) of pellets with minimum floor needs (from 60m2).     
  • Easy transport and installation which allows changing its location, minimizing risk in emerging markets.
  • Extensible and modifiable modular configuration depending on the characteristics of the biomasses to be treated.
  • Reduction of costs of Balance of Plant (BoP, civil works and utilities) to need minimum foundation and auxiliary, and use the structure of containers as a building.
  • Reduction of times of engineering and installation when coming pre-assembled from the factory.
  • Assembly with high accessibility and standard materials for facilitate maintenance work.

PelletBox by Prodesa can be adapted for a multitude of dry residual biomass, being able to use it both in agricultural and medium-sized forestry applications (up to 30.000 t / year), and can produce both domestic and industrial pellets. Due to its compact size, transport capacity and modularity it can be integrated into different production cores, and if necessary transport it to different locations.

The system is in the construction and homologation phase for both the European market and the US and Canada.

PRODESA MEDIOAMBIENTE has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here