Saalasti Press 1803 present in Expobiomasa thanks to Saalasti

Saalasti Press 1803

Drying a ton of water thermally has an energy balance that easily reaches 900 kWh. With the new Saalasti 1803 “HIPPO” Press the same amount is extracted with about 25 kWh, the difference is of the order of 35 times more efficient.

The technology is based on the channeling of a constant flow of chips between two large solid steel cylinders, almost two meters in diameter each cylinder. By controlling the speed of rotation and the pressure gradients between the cylinders, manages to break the chips at the cellular level. The design is so robust that it is not affected by occasional impurities, being able to operate continuously without stopping the line in case of accidental introduction of stones or other impurities. In turn, it can operate with chips of different grain sizes and sawdust content of up to 100% without any problem.

What's more, thanks to modular concept, the system can be serviced without stopping the flow of wood.

For more than three decades, Saalasti has been the worldwide industrial standard for mechanical biomass drying for energy purposes. In 2019 we have launched the natural evolution of the Bark Master continuous press model, this time, oriented towards the wood chip market. 

The result is an elimination of the bottleneck during drying thanks to a dry splinter and with the internal structure open that facilitates subsequent crushing and final drying processes. This technology is ideal for converting coal plants into biomass, improve the efficiency of energy production in large boilers, pellet industries, large-scale maritime transport, pyrolysis processes, ... In short, any process in which the splinter requires an energy efficient moisture reduction.

Because it is 35 times more efficient, its use can mean an annual saving of millions of euros and thousands of tons of CO2 that are not released into the environment.

SAALASTI has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here