COMERCIAL DE SUMINISTROS TP175 Mobile E ZE Electric Battery Chipper

Commercial Supplies Chipper

The first professional chipper with an electric motor and Li-Ion batteries that provide enough energy for 5 hours of work.

Crushes branches up to 175 mm. in diameter and its weight does not exceed 750 kg, including the trailer approved for road traffic.

Its production capacity is 8 m3/h and the size of the chip can be adjusted between 4 and 12mm, modifying the speed of feed rollers.

It has an integrated battery charger and its CO2 emissions are only 0,9 kg per hour of work, when those of an equivalent machine with a gasoline engine amount to 26 kg.

This team has submitted a candidacy for the 2023 Innovation Awards.

COMMERCIAL SUPPLIES present at Expobiomasa 2023