Först ST6P wheel chipper at the Millasur stand at Expobiomasa

portable chipper
The English brand Först, distributed in Spain by Millasur, is a specialist in chippers, with a wide catalog of equipment that has differential characteristics.

Built with a focus on quality and longevity, the ST6P uses the same chipping chamber, flywheel, and feed roll system as the larger ST6D, but thanks to its shorter chassis and lighter gasoline engine, its weight is below 750 kg. This means that any driver can tow this machine, without the need for a special driver's license.

The chipper is controlled by a simple but advanced electrical control system that takes care of all the electrical components of the machine. Traditionally, the electronic system in this type of equipment has been problematic for concentrating numerous faults. Not so on the ST6P as the AutoIntelligence system overcomes these problems and offers a completely waterproof and vibration proof package designed and tested in the harshest environments. This System offers excellent ease of use and exceptional reliability. In addition, it will inform you when a service or routine maintenance is due. The 37 hp Vanguard V-Twin petrol engine is responsible for generating energy for the entire assembly, with a large capacity and at the same time low fuel consumption. This is so thanks to the EFI electronic injection system, which allows the engine requirement to be modulated based on the actual energy demand of the forage harvester. The motor is also included in the standard three-year warranty.

At the heart of the machine are the industry-renowned FörstGrip feed roll system and the Först flywheel system. The combination of these with the 37 hp engine offers unparalleled performance. The FörstGrip feed system is made up of twin hydraulic feed rollers with great crushing and climbing power. They are arranged in an arc on the wood for maximum grip. These rollers are tensioned with heavy duty twin springs and break branches with ease. The speed of the feed roller is variable, so it can be modified to suit the actual conditions of the type of wood with which you are working. In this way we ensure that the chipper works at its optimum torque at all times, avoiding jams but, at the same time, at the fastest speed. Chopping is done by the Först flywheel, equipped with twin 8 ”blades. Access to the flywheel and blades is easy and straightforward, so blades can be replaced in minutes or removed for sharpening.

Milesur, distributor of the Först brand, will be present at Expobiomasa 2021

Further information:  https://www.millasur.com/es/products?s=ST6P