The best GUIFOR forestry machinery is shown in Expobiomasa

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The John Deere woodcutter model 643 that serves to cut and accumulate trees in such a way that later it is easier and more efficient to transport it by autoloader or trawler. 

The 1910 G John Deere autoloader with a Press Collector complement, a press that compacts wood in such a way that more wood can be transported for biomass. This machine has a very powerful motor 272cv, which meets EU emissions requirements, relatively low consumption and also incorporates a crane and a compactor press this autoloader is a good ally for obtaining forest biomass.

The John Deere 1270 G processor has a very powerful and state-of-the-art 272 cv engine that allows a very high production capacity. It incorporates crane of 10 meters. It is used for felling in thinnings or final cuttings. Low fuel consumption so your performance is optimized and productivity is increased. Both the forwarders and processors have leveling rotating cabins which provides full visibility which facilitates the task for the operator. 

The SG 280 Mecanil staple has a chainsaw incorporated and can be attached to forwarders, so in addition to loading wood, this wood can also be manipulated. A very useful accessory because it allows to cut very long trees, manipulate them and cut them according to the needs. 

The Moipu300 a multitailer head that allows to cut the wood to measure with cut by shear, a system that requires little maintenance and very clean, because it does not use oils. Ideal for coupling in processors and forwarders. 

In the DCM multitailer head has a continuous cutting disk system for diameters up to 28 cm, perfect for coupling in excavators, loaders given its simplicity and effectiveness.
John García, Technical Manager of Guifor shows us the new developments in machinery for forest biomass presented during Expobiomasa 2017, which will be in the next edition of Expobiomasa.

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