HAAS grinder at a biomass recycling plant located in Canada

tgmm and hass
HAAS Recycling-Systems has recently installed a recycling plant for wood with an approximate production of 30 tons per hour with output from 0 to 80 mm.

A Canadian based company with over 50 years of experience in waste, with 160 hectares dedicated to recycling has added several processing plants for yard waste into compost and wood waste into biomass.

One of these plants has the HAAS TYRON 2000 Electric grinder v.2.0 with 4-element tools with 7/7 discs for the pre-crushing of the wood, after this process, it passes through the overband magnet to separate the ferric metals, later It is introduced into the HAAS ARTHOS 1600 Electric hammer mill to reduce the pre-crushed material from 0 to 80 mm, the mill includes ballistic pipe and easy change of the screen mesh. A magnetic drum and a neodymium magnet separate the ferrous elements, then it passes through an Eddy Current separator and a HAAS model HPS 125 sieve that will separate the material into 4 fractions (0 - 10 mm, 10 - 25 mm, 25 - 80 mm , greater than 80 mm). Finally the light materials are separated by air with cyclone in the fraction of 25 - 80 mm

TGMM, exhibitor at Expobiomasa 2021, is a distributor of the German brand HAAS.

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