Make the most of the mountain biomass

La technification of forestry work is key to be efficient in the biomass energy sector, a relatively new sector that grows steadily. The demand for wood in Europe will grow in the next decades by 40%, and Spain has a long way to go.

The consumption of biomass to generate heat in an automated way has multiplied by 5 in the last 10 years. Only the manufacture of pellets in Spain already requires more than three million cubic meters of pine wood in Spain.

After the commissioning of 200MWe in recent years, the use of biomass for electricity generation is expected to make a significant jump with the commissioning of another 380MW in the coming years. The government plans foresee multiply by three the current installed power, something that would be key to profitable forest exploitation.

CBI, Continental Biomass Industries, belonging to Terex Corporation, already has more than 30 years of experience in the sector and a wide portfolio of products, where the range of mobile horizontal crushing machinery stands out as the most representative. IBC MAGNUM FORCE 5400BT
Full technical details of the new Europe Shredder will soon be available. This particular ES680 model is already working in the south-west of the United Kingdom, specifically in Wales, and has a 200 HP Volvo engine, track system, sieve and built-in magnetic separator.
The horizontal shredder is a very productive piece of equipment, capable of processing a wide variety of materials: branches, trunks, organic material, pallets and many more. The productivity of the machine also depends on its maintenance.
Europe's forests are under increasing pressure from rising temperatures, causing more forest fires, pests and diseases that threaten their ability to store carbon dioxide and safeguard biodiversity.
"Everything that burns in a boiler, stops burning in the forest." This is how forceful Francesc Cano is, deputy director of transfer at the Center for Forestry Science and Technology of Catalonia (CTFC). Cano refers to forest biomass that is extracted from forests to be used for energy purposes. A biomass to which more and more industries are switching due to the high price of gas.
ECOFRICALIA is the distributor in Spain of the Italian company SMARTWOOD, manufacturer of pelletizing machines, which stand out for fitting into self-consumption projects and/or short marketing channels.
The sixth edition of the Galiforest Abanca monograph will once again bring together the forestry world from June 30 to July 2. It will be, as usual, at the Sergude Agroforestry Training and Experimentation Center, in the Boqueixón town hall, very close to Santiago de Compostela.
Elmia Wood has received this year 25.885 visitors from dozens of countries in a still complex situation to travel and with a considerable decrease in exhibiting firms
Forest engineers demand, on the International Day of Forests, that the biomass that accumulates in the natural environment be used, increasing the risk of fires, to generate new jobs in rural areas and produce energy that reduces our dependence on countries politically unstable.
At the end of 2019 Europe Forestry released the Europe Chippers EC640 chipper as a prototype. The project was initiated by the need of a client who required a machine that could be transported by car and easily obtain wood chips for biomass anywhere. After months of testing, the Europe Chippers EC640 chipper is now available for sale with three power options: - 200CV CAT C4.4 Tier IV Final engine
A Canadian based company with over 50 years of experience in waste, with 160 hectares dedicated to recycling has added several processing plants for yard waste into compost and wood waste into biomass.
Luis Silva, product manager of the recycling division of the Internaco group, explains in this video the characteristics of the equipment from the Polish company Pronar that they presented at Expobiomasa 2021. Specifically, they are two equipment for biomass treatment: a pre-crusher and a secondary crusher.