Naparpellet, further improves the sustainability of its products and packaging.


Naparpellet is a leading firm in innovation and quality of pellets and chips that is "Transforming the future". In fact, it is the only firm recommended by many manufacturers of boilers and stoves in Europe. The high quality pellets are produced with 100% pine sawdust, dried at low temperatures, and average manufacturing humidity of 6%, which enables us to ensure a PCI of 4,94-5,35kwh / kg.

After being the first plant in Southern Europe to obtain double Certification ENPlusA1 y DIN Plus, both for manufacturing and distribution, have faced new sustainability challenges and achieved both the chip quality certificate, Biomass A1, such as certification PEFC in Chain of Custody. They are currently working on being the first pellet plant with a Certificate of Carbon footprint-Life Analysis.

The innovative nature and commitment to the sustainability of our planet has led Naparpellet to develop a new plastic-free packaging project, which will make it possible to market our products by eliminating plastic packaging. (Plastic Free Packaging). They have already begun the implementation of a new paper bagging line, which will minimize total emissions from our packaging, and they are confident that it will be operational by early 2022.

Naparpellet will be present at Expobiomasa 2021


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