Naturpellet invests 3,5 million in expanding its production capacity by 20.000 tons of pellets

naturpellet expobiomasa enplus

Naturpellet faces its crucial period of the year driven by the expansion of its manufacturing capacity that has just concluded. After making an investment of 3,5 million euros, it will go from producing 40.000 tons of pellets to 60.000. The icing on the cake to a growth process developed in phases that began in 2018 with the incorporation of a third granulator and the comprehensive renovation of the material drying area of ​​its facilities in Sanchonuño (Segovia).

Launched in 2015, the firm, which specializes in the manufacture of wood fuels, has a turnover of six million euros a year, has 21 workers and its products are sold in large stores such as Leroy Merlin.

At Naturpellet, the entire design of the manufacturing process is designed to minimize energy consumption. Through the placement of selection screens, the load on the installed mills is reduced and others with lower capacity and consumption are placed. These sustainable practices also extend to the use of a high-efficiency combustion furnace that uses biomass as fuel and also to the use of a trommel drying system, with gas recirculation, which favors the reduction of energy needs and generation of fumes.

Naturpellet is an exhibitor at EXPOBIOMASA, and its pellets also have the ENplus certificate.