NATURPELLET presents its commitment to ecology at EXPOBIOMASA

Naturpellet will be at Expobiomasa

Located in the heart of the region Tierra de PinaresNaturpellet's maxim is to manufacture pellets of the best quality and respectful of the environment.

Using the surrounding pine trees as raw material, it undergoes a debarking and sawing process in its own facilities to ensure the purity of the manufactured material. The drying of this material is done by means of a biomass trommel, fed by the bark and branches of the pine trees, completing a cycle of circular economy and thus increasing the concept of sustainability of the plant, not only in the product but also in the process. productive.

As a final culmination, Naturpellet has always wanted to show off the natural part that accompanies its name, so that pack your pellets in a 100% recycled paper bag, with the multiple advantages that this implies for the product: sustainability, resistance, ease of storage and transport and breathability. The pellet is optimally preserved without damaging the environment that surrounds it.

Thanks to its policy and philosophy of quality and sustainability, in its short life the Segovian firm has increased its production capacity by 50%, up to 60.000 tons per year, thus becoming an avant-garde plant and reference in the Spanish biomass market.

Naturpellet will be present at EXPOBIOMASA

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