New Palazzetti WT 60 3D wood fireplace.

kos expobiomasa palazzetti

The shape of this new home from the Italian firm is original and impressive. An architectural option in which the emotion of fire is reinforced by the three-dimensionality of the hearth, the envelope and the setting at the same time.

Thanks to the breadth of the glass and the clear color, the vision and the radiance of the flame enchant with unique suggestions, the splendor of the light meets the heat to make the fire show even more panoramic. Palazzetti demonstrates how to combine beauty and performance, design and efficiency, for the pleasure of innovative solutions that enhance comfort, simplify use and management and tend to cancel the environmental impact and with the new WT 60 3D home it is more and more "complicit ”From the heat inside the walls of the house.


Key points of the Monoblocco WT

Maximum combustion control with continuous regulation (1). The new Ecomonoblocco WT has an innovative combustion regulation system with continuous variation, which acts at the same time on the primary and secondary air flows. The result is immediate and obvious: the flame becomes more or less intense, as does the ambient temperature. The minimum position is "maintenance", which guarantees a long duration of combustion, since the flame is fed almost exclusively by the air for cleaning the glass. The maximum position is "boost", to obtain a live flame and speed up the ignition. Within these two limits, the user can regulate the flame at will, also from afar with remote control or via APP on his smartphone (for predisposed models).

Heat throughout the house (2). Authentic heating installation, Ecomonoblocco WT (in ventilated version) is predisposed with four hot air outlet nozzles to spread the heat between more rooms (ducting up to 30 meters equivalent with Ø 14 cm pipes). The new radial fan, located behind the Ecomonoblocco and accessible directly from inside the home, guarantees maximum efficiency and the absence of noise. The ventilation is controlled by means of a digital control unit with touch controls, or also from a distance with remote control or APP (for the predisposed models).

Respect for the environment and compliance with regulations (3). The O system2Ring, integrated in the predisposed WT models, allows to considerably reduce harmful emissions into the environment, so Ecomonoblocco WT is one of the most ecological firewood products on sale, which can also be used in areas where there are limitations established by anti-pollution measures.

Easytech4wood technology (4). Ecomonoblocco WT is also available with Easytech4wood Technology. A novel technology for firewood products that allows a complete set of household functions to be controlled fully automatically by means of a wall control panel, remote control and smartphone via APP. Controllable functions such as flame power, ventilation, Zero Speed ​​Fan function for maximum acoustic comfort, it is possible to completely exclude ventilation and opening and closing of the door.

Combustion air intake directly from the outside (5). The air used during the operation of the Ecomonoblocco WT is taken solely and completely from the outside through a circuit whose advantages are: no injection of cold air into the room, reduced consumption, more comfort, more safety and more efficiency.

New sliding door (6). The movement of the door takes advantage of a completely new mechanism, thanks to which a simple touch is enough to raise and lower the door. The door closes with a slight inward movement to ensure maximum tightness. The elegant longitudinal handle makes the climb even faster. In addition, in the predisposed models, it is possible to open / close the door by means of APP and remote control. When the door is raised, for ordinary loading operations, a special bypass valve opens automatically to facilitate the evacuation of smoke and avoid annoying exits into the environment.

Thermofix home (7). The high thickness Thermofix hearth (up to 8 cm) contributes to guaranteeing the high performance of the Ecomonoblocco WT. The large thicknesses with which the base is made also allow the complete combustion of the wood: what remains is only ash and never unburned embers, which can be easily collected through the grill in the practical removable ash drawer.



Palazzetti participates in EXPOBIOMASA