New Ecofire® Meghan pellet stove from Palazzetti

Pellet stove Meghan by Palazzetti @Expobiomasa

Technology and efficiency are dressed in contemporary beauty

Each Palazzetti stove is the sum of different aspects: technological content, study of materials, refined forms. The collaboration between the design studio MarcArch and the Palazzetti technical office has given life to the new Ecofire® Meghan pellet stove, whose innovative key is the air management method.

Why should the air in a pellet stove have only one orientation and direction? Why not be able to choose based on needs that can change even during the day? From these questions, Meghan's most important role began to develop: ventilation. Thanks to new Flex AIR system, it is possible to direct the heating air flow upwards, frontally or in both directions simply by turning the knob located in sight on the top of the stove.

Scenic and minimalist at the same time, Meghan is characterized by an aluminum structure, which in the upper part houses the pellet load, the control panel and the upper vents.

Four vertical stiles finished in matte metal gray connect the top to the base and define Meghan's fresh and captivating line. Other characteristic elements are the curved metal sides and the vents with the same finish as the sides, to create a stylistic dialogue with warm, high-tech details.

The stove door is all glass and offers a scenic view of the flame.

At the bottom, where the opening handle is, the wave with a nickel-plated finish is reproduced, which has become the stylistic characteristic that already characterizes most Palazzetti products.

For more than 60 years, Palazzetti has been combining continuous research with experience and the ability to evolve, the natural attitude towards beauty and care for design, the common thread of each new product conceived to provide a distinctive character to the environment that welcomes it.

Palazzetti is an associated manufacturer at AVEBIOM and participates in the next edition of EXPOBIOMASA.