The energy that an industry needed for its production processes or a neighborhood community or a hotel to heat its residents in 2022 was 4,6 times more expensive if it was obtained with gas than if wood chips were used.
The characteristics that make this packaging unique is its biodegradable, compostable and reusable quality. In addition, the inks used are made from water, therefore, biodegradable and vegan, that is, they do not contain any chemicals that affect the earth.
It is a digital tool that connects biomass and natural energy producers with the client. With just over a year of experience, more than 800 satisfied customers and more than a thousand tons of biomass sold, it is a digital Marketplace for producers and customers where you can access the best biomass offer on the market with a single click. .
The Italian firm Aelix, an expert in electronic regulators for fireplaces, stoves and thermo fireplaces and wood and pellet stoves, presents at Expobiomasa its new electronic regulator with a selection of five air flow speeds in touch mode, the ELX AIR IR.
Chimneys, both masonry and metal, suffer a process of continuous deterioration, due not so much to the materials used, but rather to the high temperatures they have to withstand, as well as the chemical reactions produced by the materials themselves. products and processes of combustion, regardless of the fuel used.
The patented Garden-Master is the new XAVA vibrating sieve for home use. Intended for screening garden materials, the XAVA vibrating screen also guarantees good aeration in the final product.
Jacob's metallic pipe helps the assemblies and designs of industrial plants in a very simple and economical way, since they are like LEGO pieces, joined together by clamps and joints, this avoids having to weld between the pieces, in addition, to maintenance is only necessary to change the broken or worn part.
Driade is a "pellet stove concept" developed within the Green-Stove project, to field test a set of new technologies with the aim of increasing efficiency and significantly reducing emissions into the atmosphere, through new systems of combustion and combustion management.
Alpha Cleantec has developed a proprietary technology for the partial chemical oxidation and pretreatment of municipal sludge. The process increases soluble COD levels before the anaerobic digestion processor by up to 100%. This technology increases biogas production by up to 50%, unlocking an additional revenue stream and turning wastewater plants into independent, off-grid heat and electricity units.
Thanks to the electronic control of the pyrogasification phases (first phase of pyrolysis in orange flame, second phase of gasification in blue flame) of the Primato system, we manage to manage a clean flame that works without smoke or residues from start to finish. Firstly, we produce charcoal and synthesis gas, and secondly, we are able to decompose all the residues from the pellets.
Many of the Ungaro stoves already adopt the new easy cleaning system. A patent that ensures the cleanliness of the brazier simply by opening the technical door of the combustion chamber. The simplicity of a gesture without having to manipulate the burner, makes the waste fall into the corresponding drawer, preparing the brazier for a new ignition.
On April 20, a webinar organized by INSELTRADE and AVEBIOM was held with simple and direct presentations of the latest technologies that are being implemented in biomass plants for electrical production and industrial heat by some leading Finnish companies. The program of the Technical Trip that will take place from June 12 to 16 together with Business Finland, Miksei, Inseltrade and Avebiom was also presented.