Off-road machinery to facilitate work tasks in the treatment of biomass.
Forestry machinery and biomass crushers were present at Expobiomasa 2019. The brands represented were SAMPO-ROSELEW, NHS, RABAUD, MAXWALD.
Summary of what happened in the world of biomass in Spain in 2019.
Transgrúas is a distributor of different biomass equipment. GANDINI chippers and crushers, PINOSA wood processors, CRANAB or TAJFUNS & LIV forest cranes
Termosun is the exclusive national distributor of the Austrian biomass firm HERZ. Examples of facilities include hospitals, hotels, spas, swimming pools, monasteries, ...
In this article you can discover the types of biomass boilers that exist and their advantages.
Successful example of the recovery of a biomass resource, the wood splinter, which was previously treated as a waste.
ABP Food Group is recognized as an industry leader in the United Kingdom when it comes to sustainable practices and environmental initiatives.
The Swedish Bioenergy Association publishes the BioHeat map every year, which shows all heat networks in the country that use biomass as fuel. The 2017 map, published in February this year, shows 511 facilities. 292 of these plants generate more than 10 GWh of heat. The remaining 219 are smaller plants that supply 2-10 GWh. In addition, there are an even smaller number of plants, which are not shown on the map.
One of the largest producing factories in the sector works every day for the stabilization of tariffs and ensures the continuity of the supply of Enplus certified quality pellets under the BURPELLET brand.
96.660 cubic meters (the content of 30 Olympic swimming pools) of biomass stored in 40 almost square plots of 21 x 23 meters wide and 5 meters high will supply the Cubillos del Sil plant.
The carbon absorption capacity of our forests and their carbon stock are carefully monitored. Changes in carbon stocks should not be observed in a few years and in only one tree or in individual stands, with a group of forest stands forming the mountains and forests. Carbon accounting should always be from a regional, global scope and not in a single stand or single tree, because this is what the atmosphere "sees." On a large scale, carbon capacity must be maintained at any time.