The new Iris model in its Hydro version will be an attractive solution for heating homes by using water.
With a minimalist design and very efficient operation, the Murcian firm brings to the Valladolid Fair a new design for its outdoor stove par excellence: the Armonía II model. With a new natural ventilation mechanism, the design and specifications of this outdoor stove have been simplified to the maximum in order to eliminate any problem, while preserving a striking and elegant aesthetic.
It is a new concept of comfort and equipment in biomass heating. This new range includes as standard all the necessary equipment to produce heating and domestic hot water at home in a reduced space, and also without the need to change the existing installation. The possibility of controlling the boiler from anywhere, through a mobile device, is also incorporated as standard. 
The leading Italian firm brings to the Valladolid Fair what will be one of the star biomass boilers in all of Europe, the GOLDEN BOILER. A compact pellet boiler for domestic use manufactured under the ECODESIGN2020 standard and therefore very, very efficient. Some features stand out such as  
In Spain and Portugal, despite being a very widespread method, we should avoid coatings with a set of plasterboard and rock wool to clad chimneys, because using plates with vermiculite has many advantages for users and consumers. According to Justo Fernández, manager of Suakontrol, and an expert in thermal insulation, in northern Europe they throw their hands at the top when they are told about the coating that we generally use here. Why not use gypsum board and rock wool in a cladding?
The International Bioenergy Congress -CIB- will dedicate its 14th edition to reviewing the solutions that solid biomass and renewable gas contribute to the change in the energy model in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America and the challenges that arise to achieve their full incorporation into the mix energetic. Sustainability, digitization and market opportunities will have special significance at the congress. In addition to having their specific blocks, they will permeate most of the topics proposed in this edition of the CIB. 
This new management system is presented at Expobiomasa 2021 to which it is only necessary to add a control panel to be able to communicate with the boilers and adapt their operating regime according to the specific demand of the installation. This control has a convenient remote web server where you can view all the information on the installation, make time schedules and regulation changes.
Comercial de Suministros presents at Expobiomasa 2021 the new 175 E ZE electric chipper with characteristics based on technology, expertise and the high quality of the components used by the Danish firm TP to design and manufacture its equipment. In this new chipper highlights several technical characteristics:
The exhibitors will present news, technology and the largest offer in a safe space to restore confidence to strengthen personal relationships in a sector that has not stopped growing and with very good expectations for the coming years. Expobiomasa 2021 will concentrate more than 300 exhibiting firms in a total of 21.000 square meters at the Valladolid Fair, where the latest technology, the best offers of the moment and the news of the sector will be displayed.
Pre-insulated pipes for hot and cold networks are the perfect tool for optimizing energy resources and at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. These pipes are designed to be able to detect possible leaks or breaks and as a consequence, possible energy losses. Therefore, its use achieves savings in energy costs, less assembly time and greater durability of the installation compared to a traditional system, that is, a benefit in all aspects for the installer and for the end customer.
It is the HAMMEL type VB 750 DK Long Version primary shredder as the next generation of the firm's best seller.
The new GNF30 Multi-fuel Hot Air Generator is the smallest in the range, as a result of the experience, evolution and continuous innovation and development of our company, we are proud of our new launch.