In a press release dated May 17, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) has announced modifications to RD 477/2021 regarding incentive programs for self-consumption and storage systems with renewable energies, and for systems renewable thermal energy in homes and in different sectors of the economy.
Elegant round design Ecofire® sealed pellet stove with black glass door and front uprights in black polished steel. The round steel sides are available in various colors (black, mocha, white). When it is off, the stove has a black glass door that, when turned on, offers a natural, wide and suggestive view of the fire.
This new pellet stove from CS Thermos can burn calibrated wood chips or pellets alternatively. The Eco Cippatina, available with powers of 10 or 12 kW, also has a good design that adapts well to different styles.
Biomasa del Aneto plans to invest €800.000 over the next two years in the Teruel Pellets plants in Bea, Mosqueruela Forestal and in the Orihuela del Tremedal sawmill to increase its production capacity.
As a result of the business evolution of Natural Fire, the range of hot air generators by biomass combustion (GNF) is born, focused on using solid biomass from productive waste (pellets, olive pits, almond shells, etc.), in the generation of hot air flows, to be used both in industrial processes and in heating.
Basically, it consists of a palletized cardboard box and an extraction system, avoiding, for example, the use of plastic bags or a pellet silo when feeding a boiler. Naparpellet's challenge was to provide solutions to pellet consumers who have both stoves and boilers, and who do not want to use plastic bags or who do not want to install a small pneumatically loaded silo or who do not have enough space for a silo.
After six years manufacturing feed to feed its animals efficiently and sustainably thanks to biomass energy, Grupo Premier Pigs has begun work on a new factory in Bujaraloz (Huesca) that will also have a boiler room supplied with wood chips forest.
EUROSTAT publishes the average prices that consumers in Spain have paid, taxes included, for energy in December 2021, before the price escalation caused by the war in Ukraine. Electricity had already risen 23% during 2021, gas 22% and heating oil 46%. Few experts in the sector believe that the problems of gas and diesel supply will not become more pronounced and prolonged over time with restrictive policies in the coming years throughout Europe, both economic and environmental.
CEPEVER Green Energy, has become the largest marketer of pellets in Spain. Its objective is to provide uniformity to the pellet product for the final consumer and thus contribute to the expansion of its use as a clean and economical source of energy.
In the municipality of Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona) a HERZ firematic 401 biomass boiler supplied by Termosun has recently been installed and will supply energy to the La Lluna municipal nursery school and the El Calderí school. Later it will serve the Bugarai Municipal Pavilion and other nearby facilities. The infrastructure has a 400 kW boiler and a forest chip deposit.
Domusa Teknik expands the range of pellet boilers for heating and domestic hot water with a new 35 kW model to serve larger installations and with greater domestic hot water performance, thus completing a range of three powers: 18 kW, 25kw and 35kw.
Sugimat is a company associated with AVEBIOM, specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial biomass boilers The reference price of natural gas for the Iberian Peninsula has been rising gradually throughout 2021 and, now, with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it is increasing by more than 10 times its price a year ago.