The company, which manufactures 40.000 tons of pellets per year using forest residues from the area, plans to go on to 60.000 tons per year manufactured. For this reason they have undertaken different investments to improve the plant, the storage system and thus optimize production capacity and reduce costs. This bet has cost Pellets Asturias close to three million euros.
Wood pellets are an important alternative to fossil fuels because they are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and CO2 neutral. And it's an extremely smart way to recover waste from wood treatment. This is evidenced by the growth in demand for forest biomass of 14% worldwide in 2018 (+ 8% in Europe) compared to the previous year.
The new granulating press from AMANDUS KAHL: The 65 - 1500 series with 630 kW drive. Characteristics: 
The new range of PLT200 pelletizers are equipment designed for small entrepreneurs who wish to start in the manufacture of pellets and pelletizing waste. To continue making biomass an affordable bet for the future as distributed renewable energy, the new PLT200 was born, a team with professional features and moderate productions (100-150kg / h). The range consists of three teams that vary according to their level of automation:
PRODESA's after-sales division, Smart Operations, works to guarantee the highest quality together with the maximum production of the pellet production plants. PRODESA provides, among other services, the management and supply of rollers and dies of all brands, with its own manufacture and designs. Other services include revamping, improvement and optimization of processes and complete plants, audits, training and specific interventions.
Professionals can now be accredited for free on the web and obtain access to the current in-person event that will have stands and demonstrations of 280 firms that will be the technological and market leaders in the coming years in the production of pellets, firewood and other biofuels. technology and projects for the generation of bioenergy, boilers and industrial equipment, and undoubtedly in the domestic sector of boilers, stoves and fireplaces.
The International Bioenergy Congress -CIB- will dedicate its 14th edition to reviewing the solutions that solid biomass and renewable gas contribute to the change in the energy model in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America and the challenges that arise to achieve their full incorporation into the mix energetic.
The STP Series of the Italian firm Rizzoli has been completely renewed both from the technological point of view and in the design. It continues to incorporate the innovative H2O System® certified combustion system, which guarantees high performance and an efficiency of up to 87,9%. In fact, the STP Series meets the emission limits established in the Italian environmental certification obtaining 4 stars.
EMSA, for its Forestry and Recycling division, has selected manufacturers of the highest quality and benchmarks at European and global level, in machinery and equipment complementary to the product ranges, being able to offer a wide set of product and technology solutions to meet your different needs.
Since 1993, Bianna Recycling has been working in the Spanish and Portuguese markets so that Komptech equipment is a benchmark in terms of crushing, separation and classification of mechanical processes for the recovery of waste.
TGMM, distributor of the German brand Haas, presents the Tyron 2000 XL crawler crusher at expobiomasa. The new crusher with measures of 10.665 mm in length and 2.540 mm in width is capable of crushing almost any type of material. It has four special shredding programs (wood, green, waste and bulky) that improve production, avoid jams and engine overheating.
Built with a focus on quality and longevity, the ST6P uses the same chipping chamber, flywheel, and feed roll system as the larger ST6D, but thanks to its shorter chassis and lighter gasoline engine, its weight is below 750 kg. This means that any driver can tow this machine, without the need for a special driver's license.