Javier Díaz, president of the Spanish Biomass Association, is satisfied with this particular edition of the fair and has expressed his gratitude both to the firms that have entrusted and supported the event and to the attendees: “all together we contribute to reactivate the sector of bioenergy ”. So read a banner at the entrance to the Feria de Valladolid.
Boilers and stoves up to 50kW incorporate more sophisticated technology. The new European Ecodesign regulations require great emission control and high efficiency. The leading manufacturers present at the fair achieve attractive design equipment, comfort, automation and significant savings for the user.
The 13th edition of EXPOBIOMASA will boost the activity of a sector that has not stopped growing in recent years, presenting the widest range of technological and commercial novelties at the Valladolid Fair from September 21 to 23 and September 26 to 30. online for professionals who cannot attend. Both AVEBIOM and Feria de Valladolid have worked to offer visitors and exhibitors a safe space where they can reestablish professional relationships with total confidence and continue to grow the sector. EXPOBIOMASA 2021 will count c
The AIMMP - Association of Wood and Furniture Industries of Portugal is the only business association of the sector in Portugal, representing all forest industries. He will be present in Valladolid from September 21 to 23 at Expobiomasa with his associates:
The International Bioenergy Congress -CIB- will dedicate its 14th edition to reviewing the solutions that solid biomass and renewable gas contribute to the change in the energy model in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America and the challenges that arise to achieve their full incorporation into the mix energetic.
Located in the heart of the Tierra de Pinares region, Naturpellet's maxim is to manufacture pellets of the best quality and respectful of the environment.
Fravizel, a leading Portuguese firm in equipment for all types of machinery for construction sites, forests and ports, presents at EXPOBIOMASA 2021 three star equipment for professionals in the biomass sector. Cutting shear
Gebio Energía, an energy services company, has been producing its own certified pellets of the highest quality since last year and has implemented a new logistics system to serve its customers in Spain and Portugal.
The jury recognizes the work of both entities as "guardians of sustainable forest management", essential to achieve an energy recovery of biomass with the greatest guarantees of sustainability.
The MR100 plate represents the ideal solution for ducted stoves or small pellet boilers. Small in size, it has four phase-controlled outputs, a relay output for the igniter, a PWM output for motors or water pumps, as well as inputs for variable speed or endless PWM management. It is also equipped with a double communication bus, one of which is available on the screen for the integrated wifi-bluetooth module.
Naparpellet is a leading company in pellet and chip innovation and quality that is "transforming the future". In fact, it is the only firm recommended by many manufacturers of boilers and stoves in Europe. The high quality pellets are produced with 100% pine sawdust, dried at low temperatures, and average manufacturing humidity of 6%, which enables us to ensure a PCI of 4,94-5,35kwh / kg.
Brand founded in 2018 with more than thirty years of experience in the biomass heating sector, Nobis is presented for the first time in the Spanish market with a range of products equipped with the most advanced technologies available on the market. Specialized in pellet stoves and fireplaces, Nobis offers a complete range of products, suitable to satisfy customer needs: Quiet, versatile, ecological, autonomous, remote controlled stoves, with modern and innovative finishes and coatings. .