chipper at Expobiomasa
We were able to see this chipper at Expobiomasa 2021 by TGMM

At the end of the 2019 European Forestry took out as a prototype the Europe Chippers EC640 chipper. The project was initiated by the need of a client who required a machine that could be transported by car and easily obtain wood chips for biomass anywhere.
After months of testing, the Europe Chippers EC640 chipper is now available for sale with three power options:
- 200CV engine CAT C4.4 Tier IV Final
- PTO shaft for anchoring to tractors up to 150 HP with pulleys and drive
- Electric motor of approx. 150 kW.

This chipper stands out for having one of the best compact designs. With a 200 hp engine and with less than 10L of Diesel per hour, allows crushing logs of up to Ø400mm with a production of up to 70 m3 / h. In short ... Energy efficient, powerful and easy to transport.

Among its components we can find the venturi system It expels air behind the drum to the discharge pipe for a smoother and more forceful exit of the chip. As this system does not require energy consumed by the blades, it has more power to make wood chips without being damaged, as a result ... a professional and homogeneous chip, we can also regulate the size of the G10 or G50 chip according to ÖNORM M7 133 by simply pressing a button.


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