New Willibald SharkV crushers with five rotor versions to maximize production with each type of BIOMASS


The new EP5500 SHARK V biomass crushers, distributed in Spain and Latin America by EUROPA PARTS, have several rotors for different types of products, maximizing their production with each material. In addition to improving accessibility for the operator through its new touch screen, fully integrated with the remote control.

More improvements of this equipment is the increase in diameter and weight of the rotor. The new equipment has a rotor with 20cm more diameter than the previous version and a 30% larger screening grid, increasing production significantly.

Among its new features is the possibility of customer choice of 5 different types of rotors, each focused on a type of work.

  • La 1 version, has a 48 hammer rotor, specially designed for shredding urban pruning and agricultural waste. With this rotor model, a reduced size shredding is achieved in materials as complex as eucalyptus leaves and bark, in addition to giving an average performance of 35 tons per hour in other types of pruning that are simpler to crush.
  • La 2 version, it has a rotor with 40 hammers, it does not differ much from the previous version, but it minimizes the costs of consumables and shreds the material a little larger. It is designed for composting plants for organic material from MSW and market waste that seek to produce a larger structurant to compensate for the density of the organic material provided.
  • La 3 versionIt is the evolution of the emblematic SHARK II, a machine designed with a rotor of 32 hammers weighing 10 kg each, complemented by a reinforced crushing chamber to guarantee its durability in crushing recycled wood, pallets and forest residues.
  • La 4 version, is an evolution of the previous model specially designed to work in the forestry world and biomass production. This equipment by using its double hammer allows the crushing of branches and logs contaminated with stones and sand. This version allows the production of high quality biomass in materials that cannot be worked with blades.
  • La 5 version, designed for the biomass market, has a rotor blades for the production of high quality chips. It allows the crushing of logs up to 800mm in diameter, although its greatest value is in the production of high-quality wood chips with branches and forest debris. Thanks to its large hopper and 900mm x 1500mm feeding mouth, it allows an effective shredding of forest residues. In addition, this rotor has the possibility of exchanging the blades for fixed hammers, which allows very high yields in the crushing of stumps and industrial wood.


Europa-Parts, J. Willibald's Best Dealer of the Year 2020

The official distributor for Willibald in Spain and Latin America, Europa-Parts, has been declared by the German firm as the best distributor of the year 2020, having supplied 12 new equipment in Spain in addition to a large number of semi-new equipment, supplied through factory.

Europa-Parts exhibits at EXPOBIOMASA - VALLADOLID.