New cascade control for biomass condensing boilers

cascading biomass
Innovation in biomass condensation

BioCurve in collaboration with Inmotechnia, has developed an exclusive cascade management system for BioCurve boilers.

It is only necessary to add a control panel to be able to communicate with the boilers and adapt their operating regime according to the specific demand of the installation.

Said control has a convenient remote web server where you can view all the information on the installation, make time schedules and regulation changes.

Advantages of cascade control:

  • Greater modularity: high precision control and reduced consumption
  • Greater ease of maintenance, allowing part of the equipment to be up and running while the rest is checked
  • Greater reliability by having multiple boilers
  • BioCurve boilers are extremely compact, compensating for a possible increase in the space to be used. In addition, their automatic control allows them to modulate from 30% of each nominal power, achieving an extraordinary adaptation to the specific needs of the demand.

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