Pellets Asturias, invests in its pellet factory to increase its production by 50%

asturias expobiomass pellets

The company, which manufactures 40.000 tons of pellets per year using forest residues from the area, plans to go on to 60.000 tons per year manufactured. For this reason, they have undertaken different investments to improve the plant, the storage system and thus optimize production capacity and reduce costs. This bet has cost about three million euros to Pellets Asturias.

The demand in the national market for this biofuel continues to grow and so does the Pellets Asturias business that it manufactures in Santa Eulalia de Tineo, a town of 87 inhabitants surrounded by the forests of the southwest of the Principality of Asturias. The Asturian firm has 17 employees, although according to AVEBIOM estimates it generates 140 linked jobs to forest use, logistics, distribution and consumption.

Pellets Asturias is committed to a single product, the highest quality domestic pellet ENplus. He 80% of the product is sold in bags of 15 kilos at a price of around 4 euros in the north of Spain. The bagging system is robotic and uses 60% recycled plastic. As an example of sustainable use of resources, the firm moves some 140.000 tons of sawdust, chips, bush cuttings and discarded logs for sawing and has the certificate of international recognition PEFC that guarantees the sustainability of products of forest origin.

Pellets Asturias will be offering its pellet production in the next edition of EXPOBIOMASA


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