PERSEO 6 the built-in pellet fireplace present at Expobiomasa by the hand of L 'Artistico

perseo 6

The Italian firm L'Artistico presented a mini fireplace design at Expobiomasaimalist, silent and in perfect harmony with the wall.

Silent pellet fireplace and minimalist, PERSEO 6 is the perfect solution to recover an old wood-burning fireplace or to create a new one in perfect harmony with the wall. Aesthetics and technical features coexist in this fireplace stove, which will give you the possibility of heating the environment without waste, also thanks to the possibility of programming the ignition and shutdown. The elegant glass front emphasizes the beauty of the flame in a fireplace that warms the heart and the eye. PERSEO 6 brings to your home all the warmth of a traditional fireplace, with the tranquility and savings of an innovative and intelligent heating system.

Thermal power 6,0Kw

Dimensions 69,5 58 L x W x H cm 47


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