Rizzoli presents at EXPOBIOMASA the new STP series, the wood-burning thermo cooker that breaks records.

tizzoli stp

The STP Series of the Italian firm Rizzoli it has been completely renovated both from a technological point of view and in design. It continues to incorporate the innovative H2O System® certified combustion system, which guarantees high performance and an efficiency of up to 87,9%. In fact, STP Series meets emission limits established in the Italian environmental certification obtaining 4 stars.

The combustion chamber incorporates a stainless steel lining that protects the boiler and creates a cavity for the circulation of the preheated secondary air. This system guarantees optimal combustion of firewood, a significant reduction in particles and a high yield. In addition, the fire is not in direct contact with the body of the boiler, so it is kept in perfect condition for longer, extending its life.

The exterior presents a completely renewed design, more modern and captivating. New coatings of handmade majolica and serpentine stone are used, a new touch screen control panel, wood and satin steel handles with a more refined design and a wood drawer with an opening system. push-pull.

The Rizzoli STP Series includes numerous hydraulic components such as the heating circuit pump, the integrated safety system with open expansion tank, the level and flow switch and the double stainless steel coil. There have also been many furnace improvementsIt has a new lighting system and a door with double glass and an integrated thermometer. In addition, thanks to the renewed double turn of smoke, a uniform cooking in the oven is guaranteed.

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