Solartecnik new distributor for Spain of the Italian firm Kalon

Graft Kalon stove
One of the novelties presented was GRAFT

@Solartecnik presented the brand's stoves at Expobiomasa KALON, and there we could see in situ the careful and exquisite design of the Italian firm's equipment.

GRAFT is a metal cylindrical pellet stove, characterized by the presence of a grid on both sides that allows you to insert, at a variable height according to the needs of each one, some accessories to personalize your stove and live it even in the summer months: a lamp and two different support elements, as well as a magnetic "shield" to be applied to the front in the "fire" window and a small table containing an ash vacuum cleaner.

This design thinking allows GRAFT to be the protagonist of the space in which it is located, in addition to the winter moments, even during the warm months; Although it is no longer used to heat the environment, it is still the center of interest thanks to its accessories grafted onto the cylindrical body in a simple and intuitive way. Other elements allow greater customization: a curved and magnetized metallic "shield" can be applied, during the months when the flame is not lit, in front of the "fire window", to further dematerialize the presence of the stove itself. 

In addition, a socket inside GRAFT allows you to connect any household appliance, but also a special ash vacuum cleaner, designed to be contained within a cylindrical metal box, which can be used as a table.

Graft can be considered a piece of furniture with a variable function.

The GRAFT air stove is available in 3 powers: 8kW I 10kW I 12kW

But it is not only design that stands out about this equipment, high technology is present with these characteristics:

  • Ventilated stove with upper air outlet
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Designed according to Ecodesign regulations
  • 5-year warranty on the exchanger
  • Remote Control
  • Double door
  • Double glass
  • Automatic on / off
  • Wifi module
  • Smart stove
  • Size: Length 53 x width 67 x height 121cm
  • Available in various colors


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