High performance and low emissions for an unmistakable style: discover the new wood-burning stoves from La Nordica-Extraflame.

TAHITI It is a wood stove made entirely of cast iron, enameled, with high thermal performance. It is a product with an elegant design and tapered lines that does not give up offering high performance and low emissions.

It is equipped with a large cast iron and Nordiker hearth that allows strains to be loaded up to 50 cm and allows air to be taken from the outside in the installation phase, to guarantee safety and reliability. In addition, the specific convenient side door makes loading the firewood even more convenient and immediate, as an alternative to the large front fire door.

The wide variety of wood stoves and the fine finishes present in the catalog of The Nordic-Extraflame They allow you to choose the right product that perfectly suits the style of your home, saving money and respecting the environment.

Innovations that allow a perfect combustion of firewood, drastically reducing waste, constant technological modernization for optimal product management, always taking care of consumer demands, saving and respecting the environment.


  • Nominal thermal power 7,7Kw
  • Dimensions (LHP) 746 x 894 x 483 mm
  • Net Weight 150 kg
  • Yield81,8%
  • Removable ashtray and ceramic glass
  • Inner lining of the cast iron hearth and Nordiker
  • Structure entirely in enamelled cast iron
  • Adjustable primary and secondary air
  • Post-combustion system (very low emissions)
  • Front and side loading door
  • Possibility of capturing combustion air from outside

You can see all the info in: https://www.lanordica-extraflame.com/es/productos/estufa-de-lena/tahiti