The AMIKA pellet stove with the new SCHOTT ROBAX® NightView ceramic glass has won the German Design Award 2021 in the Excellent Product Design category

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El GERMAN DESIGN AWARDS, one of the most important and internationally recognized awards in the world of design, has selected the AMIKA pellet stove from LaNordica-Extraflame with the new ceramic glass SCHOTT ROBAX® NightView as the winner of the 2021 contest in the Excellent Product Design category.

The AMIKA pellet stove of the line Evolution LineIt is a totally hermetic product (combustion chamber and tank) equipped with a double glass door, synonymous with safety and reliability. The list of technologies integrated in this innovative product does not end here: the ceramic plug, for fast ignition; the centrifugal motor, for room ventilation with comfort function, powerful and silent; the integrated T-tube and controllable from the rear; and the convenient multifunction remote control, which acts as a room thermostat. In addition, offering the possibility of choosing the rear or upper smoke outlet, it is available with a steel cladding and majolica top, in a white or black finish, or in the version with a cladding entirely in natural stone.

In 2020, the new black and translucent SCHOTT ROBAX® NightView ceramic glass was introduced. This innovative solution, developed by SCHOTT, one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic glass for stoves and fireplaces, in collaboration with La Nordica-Extraflame, creates a new concept of pellet fire: when the stove is operating, it guarantees calmer flames and pleasant and, when the stove is off, it darkens the combustion chamber with a dark, shiny surface. This fusion of two elements has yielded excellent results, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view, so much so that this project has been chosen and awarded since the German Design Award 2021 in the "Excellent Product Design" category.

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