The Cubillos del Sil bioelectric plant has generated 350 jobs and electricity for 56.250 homes with BIOMASS in the area in its first year


The Forestalia biomass power generation plant, located in Cubillos del Sil, has made a positive assessment of its start-up. In its first year of operation, it has generated 225.000 MWh, the electricity consumed by 56.250 households.

During this year of operation, the company Acciona has been in charge of hiring personnel and 
have selected 50 employees for plant work, to which we must add, others 300 jobs generated in agroforestry work that have to do with the supply of biomass.

The plant has needed to consume about 350.000 tons of biomass this year. Biomass comes from an area that is particularly affected each summer by forest fires, where in a radius of 150 km there is an annual availability 10 times greater than the needs of the plant, which facilitates the supply of up to 50 trucks of biomass per day that reach the plant and considerably reducing the risk of forest fire in the area.

Forestalia also owns the firms ARAPELLET and RIBPELLET that are present in EXPOBIOMASA.



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