Transgrúas Cial distributes since 2009 chip and drum chippers for biomass

Transgruas at Expobiomsa
The Catalan-based company also distributes forest crushers and firewood processors

Specialists in machinery for lifting and transport, for years they offer equipment to convert biomass found in forests and mountainous areas into biofuels. They are also specialists in equipment to process the wood that nature offers in a sustainable way and for this it is necessary to use the appropriate machinery in each phase.

GANDINI forest chippers and crushers, which is a leading manufacturer in the field of production of wood chippers and crushers, with more than 50 years of experience and a wide range of equipment for the production of wood chips from trees and forest debris of all kinds.

PINOSA firewood processors, which offers a range of machines of different sizes for cutting wood and converting it into energy.

CRANAB forest cranes, a Swedish brand of forestry machinery with a long tradition of manufacturing special cranes for harvesters and stationary cranes, although in recent years it has developed two models of foldable forest crane for truck-mounted: 12 and 18 tons. Y forestry cranes TAJFUNS & LIV, a Slovenian firm, with a wide range of models, powers and versions.