DOMUSA TEKNIK presents its new range of pellet boilers for DHW and heating at EXPOBIOMASA 2021

Domusa boiler

It is a new concept of comfort and equipment in biomass heating. This new range includes as standard all the necessary equipment to produce heating and domestic hot water at home in a reduced space, and also without the need to change the existing installation. The possibility of controlling the boiler from anywhere, through a mobile device, is also incorporated as standard. 

Pellet heating is the ideal solution to make the energy transition towards the use of renewable fuels, since they have a better carbon footprint than other fuels. Pellets are the most economical fuel, and their price is stable, without the large fluctuations associated with others (electricity, gas or diesel).

This new range offers a high degree of user comfort, as it has automatic burner and exchanger cleaning. It also ensures comfort even in extreme winter weather conditions. Its power modulation system permanently adjusts fuel consumption to the needs of the home, achieving significant savings in energy bills.

The BIOCLASS IC DX range includes complete equipment in reduced dimensions:

  • Sanitary hot water tank in stainless steel
  • An integrated inertial buffer
  • Water circulation pump, heating expansion tank, DHW expansion tank, steam traps among other components
  • In addition, thanks to the “Hot stream” system, the water returns can be at any temperature, thus avoiding the need to install external mixing valves.

Domusa Teknik will be present at Expobiomasa 2021.

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