In Europe, there are already more than two million biomass boilers for domestic use with power less than 50kW, and annual sales of over 200.000 units. By country, the market is led by Germany with a park that exceeded 2020 operating boilers in 320.000 and annual sales of more than 40.000 units. Spain with updated data had 60.000 pellet boilers for domestic use installed in 2021, the year in which 8.800 units were sold.

Respecto a the installation of pellet stoves, the latest statistical data estimates that there are already 7 million pellet stoves operating throughout Europe with annual sales of over 800.000 units. The positive evolution of sales in the countries of the Mediterranean area stands out. Italy has just over 2,1 million stoves in operation in 2020 and France with 1,2 million pellet stoves in operation. In 2021, Spain had 430.000 operational pellet stoves and annual sales of over 66.000 units.

The Bronpi Noa 12 kW silent insertable stove with cast iron interior does not forget the manufacturer's classic features and includes among the features and extras that differentiate it from other stoves such as the OASYS System (Innovative system developed by Bronpi that controls and analyzes the main factors that affect the combustion of the pellet to guarantee its perfect combustion). Also includes clean glass system 
Available in sizes of 70, 85 and 100 cm. The A series is ideal for corner installations with two or three panes, both for renovating existing chimneys and for new construction. Thanks to their fan system, they speed up the heating process in a silent, fast and efficient way.
The Line 85 Duo Double-Sided Wood-burning Insert is a device with a vermiculite interior and a black screen-printed glass door. With a nominal power of 8.5 kW, it is capable of heating up to 325 m3. Automatic smoke outlet and ventilation control with touch screen controller. ADF will be present at Expobiomasa 2023
Biomasse W is a high-efficiency wood-fired gasification boiler for central heating installations. It is the only A++ certified wood gasification boiler manufactured in Portugal. The interior of the equipment in vermiculite, in addition to being ecological, is an insulating, resistant and aesthetic material. Thus, the heat stored in the plates is distributed over the surrounding area. The equipment is better protected against corrosion, reduces fuel consumption and reduces carbon emissions.
The Italian firm is successfully marketing its new Dielle Levante pellet stove, which, like all of the Italian brand, has a pellet flowering burner. This stove has a nominal power of 8,50 kW and an efficiency of 86,5%, as well as an A+ energy class.
The Austrian firm ÖkoFEN Calefacción con Pellets launches a promotional campaign in which it guarantees a stable supply of pellets for its boiler, maintaining a price of €5,70 for a 15 kg bag of pellets, €399 for a pallet of 70 bags of certified pellets, during the 2023-24 and 2024-25 season, the offer applies to Pellematic Compact boilers with 
The non-governmental organization European Environmental Bureau has highlighted the commitment of Ecoforest
Salvador Escoda launched his new range of Mundoclima® BIOTHERM Biomass stoves last autumn.
The plant will begin to assemble a watertight model that is developed entirely in Burgos and another range of cast iron boilers in the middle of the year. Although the brand has already been marketing this type of stove in Spain for years, the goal is to manufacture nearly 6.000 units each year of this sealed model, which prevents the air in the home and the combustion from coming into contact, which redounds in greater security.
The consumption of pellets in Europe in pellet stoves and boilers with power up to 50kW for residential heating, reached 14,1 million tons in 2021, in 2020 it was 11,9 million, which indicates an increase of 18% more than the previous year. These are data from the latest Bioenergy Europe Statistical Report.
Clelia is the new Ecofire® hermetic pellet stove by Palazzetti that combines modern design and efficiency thanks to its painted steel cladding and its rounded sides that soften its profiles. It is available in the powers of 9 kW and 13 kW, also in the ductable versions AirPro2 or AirPro3 and in the following colors: White, Black, Mocha and Red.
Historical maximums are reached in the installation of equipment and the total installed power.