The Ponferrada heat network continues its construction successfully

compter boiler

The network will provide 25.000 MWh / year of energy The maximum expected consumption of biomass is 7.800 tons per year. The combustion equipment of 4,5 MW, supplied by COMPTE.R, together with auxiliary elements such as the silo for the splinter, the boiler feed system and the electrofilter for the treatment of the exhaust gases are being installed.

The silo has a capacity to contain 320 m³ of splinter (around 65 tons) and has been equipped with a mobile floor extraction system. Boiler feeding is done with pushers.

The expansion with two more units of 4,5 MW is planned; in total it will reach 13,5 MW of power.

Boiler Features

  • Hot water boiler lower than 110ºC COMPTE.R model C450 DTHP of 4,5 MW for wood chip combustion.
  • 320 m³ mobile floor extraction system.
  • Boiler feed by pusher.
  • Gas treatment system by electrofilter.
  • The use of wood chips instead of fossil fuels will prevent the emission of 6.000 tons of CO2 per year.

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