Uponor will show at Expobiomasa the scope of its Uponor PORT solutions

Uponor shows its novelties at Expobiomasa
Power transfer stations, efficient heating supply and generation of DHW and customized industrialized solutions.

Uponor, multinational of Finnish origin, expert in the development of solutions Invisible high energy efficiency air conditioning For radiant surfaces and comfort as well as hygienic solutions for the transport of fluids in the building, it will be present for the fourth year in the largest meeting held in our country in terms of biomass: Expobiomasa.

During the days that this fair is held (from 24 to September 26), Uponor will present the following news in Valladolid:

  • Uponor Combi & Aqua Port: get an efficient supply of energy for heating and cooling as well as hygienic production and demand for domestic hot water
  • Uponor Aqua Port Central: central system for instantaneous and hygienic production of DHW in homes, hotels and health centers

Buildings are responsible for at least 40% of energy consumption and more than one third of CO emissions2. This motive drives Uponor to develop new solutions that solve these problems. Therefore, from its 5 intelligence centers in Europe and the US responsible for R & D & I are investing more than 50 millions of € every year in innovations, and making agreements with leading companies to generate value continuously. As a result, they have developed the entire range of PORT solutions.

Uponor Combi & Aqua Port

These solutions allow decentralizing the production of DHW, not being mandatory to maintain temperatures above 60 ° C, bringing the production of DHW as close as possible to its consumption.

Thanks to the high energy efficiency of heat exchangers, the lowest operating temperature and the need to have only two distribution tubes, they are achieved significant energy savings.

Uponor Aqua Port Central

The hot water required in the building is produced directly in the boiler room by means of the Uponor Aqua Port Central units. These units have heat exchangers made of stainless steel, which allow water to be heated with high performance. This means that there is no need to store the drinking water in tanks, avoiding the risk of stagnation and contamination by Legionella and without having to maintain high temperatures continuously.

Among the main advantages offered by the range of PORT solutions are the following:

  • Easier facilities to 2 pipes for heating and ACS supply
  • Performance improvement of the installation by minimizing energy losses.
  • Combinable With any renewable energy source.
  • Exact control of the energy consumed for heating distribution and generation of DHW.
  • Hygienic system It eliminates deposits of ACS and with them the associated risks of proliferation of bacteria such as Legionella.

Customized solutions / pre-manufacturing

Uponor will present at Expobiomasa the different customizable options that can be achieved through Uponor Port and then be supplied pre-assembled directly on site, allowing to calculate the price accurately.

The solutions that Uponor will show at the Fair are the ideal complement to combine with the heat production systems that use biomass as fuel.

In the words of Sergio García, Energy Solution Product Manager Uponor Iberia “when designing a heat network it is important to consider how the connection will be made in the buildings. Transfer stations simplify this connection, incorporating all the necessary elements for the connection. These stations achieve a direct or indirect connection (double exchanger) with the possibility of generating the ACS instantaneously on demand. The equipment can be custom designed, including all the necessary components according to each project. These stations together with the Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipes allow us to offer a complete solution to the designer / installer for the execution of heat networks. ”

In addition to Port solutions, Uponor will continue to show its range of Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe solutions for heating distribution networks, designed for homes, hotel complexes, campsites, biomass and biogas plants, industrial facilities, urbanizations of various buildings and logistics buildings among others.