FERLUX has managed to merge a classic style with a current, elegant and sophisticated style in a wide range of new pellet, wood and barbecue equipment.

pellet stove SHARA FERLUX

The firm located in Malaga has been characterized over the years by product innovation and research, and has achieved a fusion of styles in its stoves that allows its integration into any environment. This has allowed a notable increase in market share and distribution in more than 20 countries.

With more than 28 years dedicated to the manufacture of heating appliances, FERLUX started with a range of wood-burning fireplaces and barbecues to which it has incorporated a wide range of stoves and pellet boilers. Thus, until we manufacture advanced products with a high technological content and avant-garde that have certificates with CE marking and respect the strictest of international regulations on emissions such as ECODESIGN.


Shara 6 pellet stove | 8 | 10Kw

·  Stove in a design with curved lines that give it a delicate, subtle and light style

·  Wide view of fire framed in silk-screened glass

·  Door, lid and grille on MOLTEN IRON, painted in high temperature black

·  Allows installation without needing to be removed from the wall


FERLUX participates in EXPOBIOMASA

The firm presents a wide variety of products regarding power, dimensions and design that easily adapt to any environment.

Download here the online catalog of the FERLUX PELLET RANGE

Source: www.ferlux.es