hargassner expobiomass

As a result of the acquisition of the company Gilles GmbH & Co KG in 2020, Hargassner brings to the market the new range of Hargassner MAGNO industrial boilers, consisting of three models.

The Austrian company is focusing on its new development center for industrial facilities, Hargassner Industry, located in Lenzing, Austria. Here the synergies of the union of the two manufacturers, which add more than 60 years of work and experience in the sector of heating with high efficiency biomass.

In this center, industrial boilers are designed and manufactured according to the latest technical standards, with the exact adjustment required by the needs of each client.

Magno-UF with bottom feed and fixed grill

The Magno UF bottom feed boiler has been developed to use biofuels with extremely low humidity to medium values, that is, between 8% (pellets or similar) and 40%. The lower feed in combination with the cyclones integrated into the boiler body itself enables minimum emissions of particles in the fumes. This boiler is available in powers between 200 and 600 kW.

Magno-VR with mobile grill

Magno-VR mobile grate boiler technology is designed to burn wood chips, wood chips, high water content bark or alternative biomass fuels such as miscanthus, vineyard pruning, olive pits, etc. That is, for fuels with a water content between 8% (below 25% with recirculation of fumes) and 60%. The Magno-VR models are available in powers from 200 to 600 kW and are equipped with a horizontal stepped mobile grill.

Magno-SR with stepped mobile grill

The technology of the Magno-SR staggered mobile grate boilers is suitable for the same range of use as its little sister the VR, that is, for fuels with a water content between 8% (below 25% with recirculation smoke) and 60%. Magno-SR models range from 800 to 2.500 kW.


Source: www.hargassner.es