Forestalia's biomass plant will have 40 direct and 400 indirect workers in León

Biomass power plant

Located in the Polígono El Bayo de Cubillos del Sil, the technical process has been completed and it will be able to start producing in the coming weeks. In this time, the company has employed 700 people and plans to have 40 workers directly and another 400 indirect.

With the current situation generated by the coronavirus crisis, those responsible for Forestalia cannot advance an exact date, but they hope to start their activity soon. Initially it was scheduled to start in March.

Regarding production, the factory will be fed 280.000 tons of biomass per year from an environment of 150 kilometers in the area, which will produce 290 megawatts of renewable and clean electricity enough to supply 83.000 homes. There will also be a saving of 110.000 tons of CO2 that would generate fossil combustion.

The Forestalia project is made up of a biomass reception, treatment and feeding system; a grill boiler for biomass combustion; a gas purification and gas treatment system required to meet the required emission limits; a 49,9MV, 11KV electric generator; and an 11/132 KV outdoor electrical substation.

Forestry, a company associated with AVEBIOM and that was present at the last edition of Expobiomasa, has had for the plant a global investment of 112 million euros, 42 of them from a loan managed by the Junta de Castilla y León.